Salam Ree, thank u so much for yesterday. Appreciate ur time n effort from our first meetup till the the last second. Thank u for entertaining our nonsense, Azri’s bebel and our neverending banters. U played a huge role in our wedding and we am so thankful, We wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank u so much ♥️

Azri & Liana // 04.06.2022

thank you riz and ree for all your hard work today! (also thank azman for us). great service by the both of you and thank you for layaning irfans nonsense and being very patient with us 🤣

so much i want to thank you guys for but shall keep in for another time! we cant wait to see how the pictures will turn out now..

-Irfan & Jannah // 27.03.2022

Alhamdulilah everything went very smoothly during our wedding day. eventho there were some unforeseen circumstances, kak ria & team managed to handle the situation in a calm and professional manner. I was very nervous throughout the day but kak ria was there to calm me down and assure me. Families and friends loved both our make up, outfits and enjoyed the delicious food 😍 Thank you kak ria and team for making our wedding day a fruitful one, wouldn’t have it any other way 🤍 Would definitely recommend it to others! 🤙🏾

-Danial & Suflyana // 14.05.2022

Hi @⁨By Ree Ysf⁩ thank you so much for making me look gorgeous on my wedding day ! sampai durrani cannot take his eyes off. We also love our outfit which we customised from you altho its in a short period of time, u still manage to get it ready before our wedding day.
@⁨Riz Photography⁩ Thank you for taking awesome photos on our special day ! We love how the pictures turn out and within that short period of time , you get to capture all the beautiful moments !

– Melati & Durrani // 01.01.2022

Assalamualaikum sis, we would like to share feedback. We want to say thank you for the friendly and yet professional service for Bridal+Photography.

We lurveeeee both of the outfits and the photos too! Especially the makeup 😍😍

We know that due to COVID-19, there will be a lot changes need to be done and we are grateful and thankful that you both were adaptive to the situation.

– Hiszrul & Afiqah // 03.10.2021

​Salam Kak Ree,

Thank you for the wishes and for your service throughout the journey till the wedding reception.

Really appreciate when u tried to accommodate to our changes of date and outfits. Loved the make up, outfits. Would definitely recommend it to family & friends. And should i have any event in future will definitely engage you. Hehe 😊🥰

We apologize should there be any shortcomings during the reception and if we had said any wrong things, do forgive us.

We wish u all the best and do keep in touch.

Once again, thank you.

– Saiful & Farhana // 11.09.2021

I’ve always love her make up right from the start! especially the eye brows! she’s really good at it! thank you,bestfriend for everything. for making me look really beautiful on my wedding day. thank you for making it easy for me because she knows what I really want right from the start. honestly, about make up, i just trust her hands that i didnt have to worry about it at all! i know i’ll be in good hands. I was a beautiful Javanese princess, just the way I want it to be. your make up truly compliment my outfit! and of course, thank you for the surprise. You came up with the javanese bunga melor accessories to complete the look! i’m so touched! thank you for going the extra miles for me! 

and the blue songket outfit during sanding, that me and Ashraf fall in love with the moment we saw it. that’s my favourite! and you made it happen for us. We really love it, but, most importantly, thank you for making us feel comfortable, and thank you for accomodating to our timings too! especially towards the last fitting session. 

Thank you for taking care of us during our wedding day especially! And also, Azman for being Ashraf’s Pak Andam, throughout the event, always making sure he looks good and comfortable at the same time. 

Having Reeya with me also,she made it easy for me as her package comes, with henna and flower bouquet as well! i didnt have to worry about anything else, everything was settled by her! THANK YOU. thank you so much for everything! 

– Ashraf & Khad // 27.03.2021

Thank you so much B for everything. Thank you for catering to our needs even before we could raise the issue to you. Thank you for being pro-active and efficient. You and Azman have been nothing but amazing and most importantly very very useful and helpful. That makes our event went smooth. Thank you for being not only our our Mak and Pak Andam, but Bridesmaid and Groomsman even without we asking. Thanks for going extra mile. Also, this is a must to highlight. LOVE THE OUTFIT AND MAKE UP!! LOVEEEE THE CUSTOMIZED OUTFIT, IT REALLY WENT 200% FROM OUR REQUEST. SUPERB!!! Overall, aku puas hati! Krng power!!💯💕😍✨

– Seri & Razmilsyah // 20.12.2020


I love love love love ur outfit, make up and service. Thank u so much kak for doing this for us. Everyone cakap ur baju songket is really pretty, omg i made the right decision to choose this outfit hehehehe…

Thank u Kak Reeya for making me pretty on our special day



Thank you kak for the good service really happy with it 🙏🙏🙏

– Fathur & Wany // 05.12.2020

Thank you Reeya for being a part of our day and providing us what we wanted. A huge thank you to your pak andam for helping me to suit up too! You guys did so well and thanks for sticking with us throughout the whole event.

From the Bride: Reeya has been such an amazing MUA. Engaged her service for both of my engagement and wedding. She respectfully listens to your request but I let her did what she felt like the best look for me. Her collection of songket and dresses is vast and her make up is really up to my liking. Reeya made me feel beautiful on my special day. I can’t recommend her enough, she is so talented in what she does and I can tell she really loves what she does. Thank you, Reeya for being a part of my special day and I wish you all the best in everything you do!

– Fazli & Rasyiqah // 01.11.2020

This is super duper late and we’re so sorry Reeya! but anyway we got her for our bridal and it was super easy and smooth communicating with her since day 1. She accommodated to our needs and we were so satisfied with the outfits we had from her! Really recommended and someone you can trust on. super late yet again but we’d like to thank you so much again Reeya for everything! God bless! ☺️

– Faiz & Iffah // 19.07.2020

I want to thank @by.reeysf and @azmanazhxr for making us look different and also berseri on our special dayyy! People who knows me personally knows that I’m NOT feminine and both me and @yan0z are awkward and not exposed into this area and I’m so glad the both of you are so patient with us! Thank you for sticking by and being the most chillest andams and guide us through to make sure that everything goes smoothly. They are really professional with their work and I’m still sorry for the fan @azmanazhxr :’) And to @by.reeysf, I’m so touched by still coming down to make sure I’m prepped by you and layaning my nervousness by letting me listen to death metal. Where can get such tolerant mak andam :’) and through all this you’re doing all of this with your upgraded robot leg too! 😭 I don’t deserve people making sacrifices for me and yet I’m forever grateful that you’re my mak andam and making sure everything is alright.. right until after the whole event. 😭😭😭 From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you so much for giving the most wonderful once in a lifetime experience I would definitely get all of yall to have them for your andams! ❤️✨

– Yan & Fiqa NH // 21.03.2020

An awesome work done by Ree. Even awesome is too much of an understatement to describe the job done by Reeya herself. Personally a good friend of mine but professionally a great mak andam. Very responsive, very patient to all my wants, very open to suggestions and alternatives. Ree’s collection of outfits are to die for as they are all WOW and very reasonable packages. Thankyou for being the one make me look jaw dropping for my company dinner & dance, for my engagement, for my akad and yes ofcos for my sanding babe! You are the best! I wouldnt ask for more. And to all bride to bes’ this decision with her, you will never regrett! Thank you again Reeya! 😘😘

– Raimi & Hidayah // 02.02.2020